The role of museum marketing in economic and scientific development and general tourism

Document Type : Original Article


Iraq Natural History Research Center and Museum


The research is based on the premise of museums investing in marketing cultures and transforming the economic aspect within investment projects for tourism and developing work on media and marketing programs . This is why the researcher worked on tracking experiences that worked to develop the idea of marketing for museums through mechanisms to attract more visitors and interact with the methods of presentation that are renewed and published books and more promotional elements such as advertisements, public relations and direct marketing of models of used exhibits in the mechanisms and methods of printing or making gypsum molds, which is a model that simulates the original and aims to reach markets and groups of people who are interested in collecting reproduced models or visitors in a manner that is an influential motive in promoting the museum and increasing the number of visitors and its investors. In the theoretical framework, the researcher divided the research into two topics, namely (the museum between the cultural aspect and economic data) and topic two (the museum and shopping mechanisms) in chapter three , the researcher presented the experiences of international museums in marketing, whether it is electronic, promotion in newspapers and advertisements, or making copies of the original models. In chapter four, the researcher presented the results and conclusions, including the diversification of marketing methods for museums, which contribute to strengthening the economic aspect through the revenues collected from entry fees and incentives to establish small projects, including the manufacture of gypsum models or works reproduced from the original models.