Employing Traditional Folk Values in Architecture and Interior Design for Developing the Domestic Tourism

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Interior Design and Furniture, Faculty of Applied Arts, Damietta University, Egypt


Given the political and economic conditions that Egypt is going 
through in particular and the region in general, we find that the
movement Tourism to Egypt has been greatly affected, which in 
turn affected the Egyptian national income, and from here it was
necessary for everyone to think, according to his specialization, 
in creative and innovative solutions to overcome this problem,
including reliance on domestic tourism as its components are the 
length and width of Egypt. As well as the large Egyptian
population that can be To play a major role in compensating for 
the shortage in foreign tourism, as well as linking Egyptians to
their different environments and increasing their awareness of the 
Egyptian folklore in all parts of the country. Dependence on the 
popular heritage from construction systems to internal design 
supplements will greatly guide the expenses of tourism
establishments, as well as relying on local operators, which will
in turn reduce the reservation prices of these establishments and
Encourage the low-income citizen to engage in the experience of
domestic tourism.