The Design Dimension of the Advertisement as a Source to Stimulate Tourism in the Luxor Region

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Art Education, College of Outreach Education, Zagazig University, Egypt


The researcher used shapes, symbols, pictures and hieroglyphs in 
the tourist advertisement as indications of the greatness of
ancient Egyptian art, especially the Luxor area. Renewal in its 
form and moving away from traditional or known ideas, through
the designer's use of the computer and the potential of graphic 
programs in design and plastic treatments in new artistic
formulations. The researcher's use of photographs, changing 
them and merging them in innovative ways leads to attracting the
attention of the tourist to a great extent and achieving the purpose
of the advertising message. Pictures are considered a universal
and expressive visual language equivalent to a thousand words, 
so they affect the mind and emotions with better efficiency than
words. The text in the advertisement is the most complex element 
of pictures, drawings or numbers