Tourism advertising strategies

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3. Tourism advertising: 
2-3-1 The concept of tourism advertising:
The simplest meaning of advertising is to introduce something, that is 
, publishing data that would provide the reader with a correct idea 
about the advertised product , service or idea , and often this is 
intended to induce the recipient to take steps in line with the 
حجاب دمحم هنير حجاب , 2003 , ص 93. ( )desire s’advertiser
And advertising in general is Publishing information and data about 
goods, services, ideas, institutions, or others, with the intent to sell it 
or help with selling it or receive it through the use of various media in 
exchange for payment.
As for tourism advertising, it is one of impersonal efforts that work to 
influence the conscience, emotions and perceptions of tourists and 
direct their tourism behavior towards contracting a specific tourism 
program or tourism services for a specific tourism company.
The tourism advertising is considered successful if can influence the 
decision-making for the tourist to travel to that country, as it 
highlights and focuses on the special influences that interfere with the 
tourist’s decision to travel.