Create your own visit: a Review of Visually Impaired Visitors access at Museum

Document Type : Original Article


Curator of collections at Graeco Roman Museum PhD research scholar in Museum and Heritage Studies, Tourism and Hotels Faculty, Helwan University


The lifeblood of museum exhibits is visitors. The disabled are a 
category of visitors whose demands are different from those of 
the majority of other visitors, and therefore deserve special 
attention. According to the World Health Organization, anyone 
who has a limitation or lack of ability to execute an activity in the 
manner or within the range regarded normal for a human being 
may be referred to as being "disabled." People with disabilities 
should have access to museums and galleries, and their 
requirements should be properly taken into account in many 
different contexts.
Nowadays, the majority of museums all over the wold focus on 
"handicapped" people with disabilities and their needs, while few 
focus on visually impaired people.
The goal of this paper is to support the social rehabilitation of 
blind and visually impaired persons by making them feel 
confident museum visitors and by providing them with the 
chance to comprehend their museum tour more fully.
Accordingly, this paper will show that the blind person has been 
given abilities by the all-powerful God, but if he desires it and 
has the motivation to do so, he can invest these abilities to enable 
him to live independently without the need for anyone else. 
However, this is only possible when the society makes him feel 
like a member of it by involving him in the community. How 
many healthy individuals lack the drive, imagination, and 
productivity that those who are blind do?
Making Egyptian Museums more accessible for blind or visually 
impaired visitors is a desired goal. Encourage them to visit the 
museum without a help from anybody through designing a 
special lane “Tactile Paving”. This demonstrates that our ability 
to produce in life is ultimately determined by our inner 
intelligence, psychology, soul, and inner strength, not by any 
physical limitations or external factors.